Founding Team








Farhan Masood 
Farhan Masood is the founder of SoloMetrics LLC, SoloTech Corp, and Go Green Pakistan. With over 17 years of diversified, multinational and high-profile work experience, Farhan is a proven Technologist to extract near miracles out of almost anything. He is known as the originator of the Arabic, Urdu, and Persian languages on the Internet and has been exposed to a lot of media projection for various honors, 31 international awards and inventions. Farhan is the winner of 2012 MITEF Business Acceleration Programme and is an Alumni of MIT EDP.
Mark Thomann
Mark Thomann is the founder and CEO of River West’s Brands. Mark has over 21 years experience in structured finance, distressed finance, and intellectual property management. Having previously held positions at such firms as Development Specialists, Inc., 363 Group, and Ocean Tomo, Mark also gained significant experience in political finance.  He is also the founder of various  start-ups.
Assad Koshul
A business development, accounting/finance, operations and human capital development professional with 20 years experience covering diverse aspects of business in both developed and emerging markets. A focused problem solver. skilled in enhancing company performance and profitability through development and implementation of strategic plans. 20 Years of accounting/finance and operations experience in the US and Pakistan. Strengths include
-        Offshore Office Development + Operations
-        Organizational Development and Corporate Trainer/Consultant 
Carter Kennedy
Mr. Kennedy is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in proprietary trading, investment management, risk management, and business development. Mr. Kennedy worked for Kidder Peabody and several options trading firms, including Cooper Neff and Chicago Options Associates. Mr. Kennedy then started his own firm Tuscarora Capital Management where he managed the firm’s risk and raised money from institutional and high net worth investors. Mr. Kennedy also founded CTK Trading, LLC, which specialized in U.S. debt options. He graduated from Hamilton College with a double major in English and Economics.
Doug Glanville 
Baseball analyst across multiple platforms. Essayist and author of ‘The Game from Where I Stand’. Experience with TV, radio, public speaking, the Internet and writing. His strengths include essay and editorial writing, public speaking, lecture development with comprehensive presentations, deep knowledge of baseball labor history and its drug culture. He is also involved in charitable work with education and mentoring Major League Baseball Players. Doug is also a columnist for the New York Times and ESPN.